TOEIC対策 レベル2(やや易)

TOEIC Part5ドリル①

問題1: The company's profits _______ significantly last year.

a) increased
b) is increasing
c) have increased
d) increases

問題2: If he _______ earlier, he would have caught the train.

a) leaves
b) had left
c) left
d) would leave

問題3: She was tired _______ she continued working.

a) but
b) or
c) so
d) because

問題4: He _______ his keys at home yesterday.

a) forgets
b) forgot
c) forgetting
d) has forgotten

問題5: They haven't decided _______ the meeting yet.

a) when to start
b) which to start
c) who to start
d) what to start

問題6: My sister _______ to the gym every morning.

a) goes
b) is going
c) has gone
d) go

問題7: I'm not sure if I _______ to the party next week.

a) will go
b) go
c) going
d) would go

問題8: _______ you finish the report, please send it to me.

a) Because
b) Until
c) Since
d) When

問題9: The new restaurant in town is _______ than the old one.

a) most expensive
b) expensive
c) more expensive
d) expensiver

問題10: She plays the piano _______ than I do.

a) best
b) better
c) good
d) well

問題11: I enjoy listening to music _______ I'm working.

a) during
b) while
c) for
d) since

問題12: He asked me _______ I could help him with his homework.

a) why
b) that
c) if
d) where

問題13: I wish I _______ the answer to the question.

a) knows
b) knowing
c) knew
d) know

問題14: The weather was bad, _______ the picnic was canceled.

a) though
b) or
c) but
d) so

問題15: She's been studying English _______ she was a child.

a) for
b) since
c) ago
d) during

問題16: If I _______ you, I would take that job.

a) was
b) were
c) am
d) is

問題17: I'm looking forward _______ on vacation next month.

a) go
b) to go
c) to going
d) goes

問題18: By the time they arrived, the movie _______.

a) starts
b) started
c) will start
d) had started

問題19: I can't believe how _______ it is.

a) a cold
b) coldest
c) very cold
d) cold

問題20: He's the most talented musician _______.

a) I've ever met
b) I've never met
c) I'll have met
d) I never met

-TOEIC対策, レベル2(やや易)