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TOEIC 強化トレーニング


Title: Kaira City Demonstrates Commitment to Regular Coastal Cleanup Activities


Kaira City, (2 June) - In a remarkable display of civic responsibility, Kaira City has taken proactive steps by incorporating regular coastal cleanup initiatives as part of its official administrative activities. This initiative is poised to inspire environmental conscientiousness and set a positive precedent for municipalities across the globe.

Kaira City's dedication to this environmental cause aligns with its overarching sustainability strategy, which encompasses green urban spaces, renewable energy initiatives, and eco-friendly transportation programs. By integrating coastal cleanup into its administrative operations, Kaira City hopes to serve as a model of environmental awareness for other municipalities.


As these coastal cleanup activities gain momentum, Kaira City seeks to inspire neighboring communities and cities worldwide to follow its lead, reinforcing the idea that environmental protection knows no borders and that even small actions can have a significant impact.

-TOEIC対策, レベル5(難)